Oud Wood Scented Candle




Design: Courtney Brims and Mineheart. Handmade in England. A candle made of purest soy wax and natural essential oils and fragrances. The packaging features a beautifully surreal drawing of a deer with branched antlers by illustrator Courtney Brims. The scent is a majestic blend of rich Ambers, Patchouli, Jasmine and Oud mellowed in a subtle Cedarwood which is ignited with flecks of pure Vanilla. Please note Due to the nature of pure soy wax with no additives, you may notice the appearance of some slight imperfections which are caused by wax shrinkage, or colour changing on the surface of your candle. This will not affect the burn or scent throw. Burn time: approx 50h Current lead time: 2-3 days Finish: glass tumbler candle in a kraft card box Dimensions: 86mm wide x 86mm deep x 94mm high 30cl glass Theme: essential oils, wood, scented, natural, soy, candle
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wood, soy, scented, natural, essential oils, candle