Magic Magnetic Feathers White




This ingenious set of magnetic feathers designed by Young and Battagilia can turn any wall into a contemporary pin board creating a whimsical work of art out of your to do lists and odd bits of paper. Sold in a sets of 5, they are available in either all white or a mixture of woodland feathers that include a pheasant, guinea fowl and a black goose feather. The magnetic feathers can either be used to attach directly to any already magnetic surface such as a fridge door, or can be used on any wall using the self adhesive metal discs supplied. Made in England Specifications (approx): White set: x5 feathers length range from 13cm 20cm Woodland set: x5 feathers length from 13cm to 30 cm Theme: woodland, taxidermy, feathers, white, pinboard, whimsical, fridge magnets, wall magnets. Lead Time: 1 to 2 weeks
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woodland, white, whimsical, wall magnets., taxidermy, pinboard, fridge magnets, feathers