January 23, 2013


Our goal is to build interest and equity in the pieces through a strong focus on craft and form. Rather than starting with precious materials that are given worth through economy, we use materials like stainless steel that function well from an engineering perspective and it is through manipulation that value is added to the work.

Our use of uncut, commonplace stones is meant to bring attention to, and question the value we place on certain materials. There is such an intense history of heat, pressure, time and cosmic events that define the composition of each molecule and the way they are arranged. Their structure defines its physical properties; the way the material reflects and refracts light, and the planes at which the stone is more susceptible to break. It is when thinking about the essence–the real makeup–of materials that we should think about why it is that we place such different values to materials that do not directly affect our survival.

We have created a world of bright and shiny objects because of their rarity in prehistorical nature, we are wired to be attracted to bright these objects and therefore have created a modern world flooded with these materials.

The collection is intended to elicit a different perception of beauty: the recognition of the underlying reality of things we frequently encounter.